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Jan 18, 2013 3:00pm EST
of the things we're keeping an eye on is some of the defense stocks. right under the shadow because of the possible quester. they are getting cheap and they have possible cash flows. >> glad you mentioned earnings. >> so far it's been somewhat mixed. i mean the banking sector is turning out some good numbers. >> yeah. >> where do you expect we might see the surprises on the upside in terms of the fourth quarter? >> in terms of sectors? >> yeah. financials have obviously done well, and that's somewhat cyclical. what i expect to do well are the consumer staples. they have been chugging along, but i think some of their expenses and costs were pretty moderate in the fourth quarter, and i think with the -- with the change in the taxes that came through in january, usually better for staples than consumer discretionaries so hopefully we'll get good numbers from there. >> where would you be investing, peter sorrentino? you said you like the early cyclicals? what does that mean? who do you like here? >> well, really it's a wide brush right now. we like refiners, the volero of the world. mar
Jan 22, 2013 3:00pm EST
as well. david steinberg. >> that would be steve saks now. >> does that make you bull strategic defense initiative. >> we had a change in guests. >> yes, we did. >> changed at the last minute, i guess. there's a lot of factors that make me bullish right now. the macro economic picture is definitely one of them. you know, you nailed it with the fact that the fed is still printing money and despite the language that we saw in the last minutes, there's no clear sign that that's going to end in 13. we'll have a much better picture in the next couple of weeks. it's pretty good. fact of the matter, valuations and u.s. equities are pretty attractive right now. >> my dear friend carol roth, you have been skeptical of this market as we continue to go higher and higher and higher. we're at five-year highs right now. i guess we should all say it's time to tell when you go bullish, is that it? >> that's probably right, bill, but i feel like everybody is drinking the so-called punch or the so-called kool-aid so why not join the party for the time being. i don't think there's any good fundamental rea
Jan 15, 2013 3:00pm EST
bank in the world reflating so you're very bull strategic defense initiative. >> very bullish. >> i guess the question is are you able to buy into that market at much lower houses? how substantial could a decline be on the so-called bumps in the road? there's some precedent for that. not the first time we've been through it. we've been back through it in 2011 and there's a significant pullback. there's a bit of a been there, done that and we haven't seen the kind of volatility we've seen and in the difference of backdrop the republicans sort of have their backs against the wall. they were forced to concede on taxes during the cliff debate, and now i think this is their chance to get concession on spending, and i think they are going to do that. this is going to go to the wall and that will create volatility. >> the president has been very clear. he's not going to negotiate on the debt ceiling. >> that's how politicians talk. at the end of the day negotiations will have to happen. >> he has to? >> you're not al lone in being wildly bullish right now and i think -- i know that's affec
Jan 16, 2013 3:00pm EST
and the nigerian state oil company. u.s. defense secretary leon panetta while speaking to reporters in italy called this a terrorist attack so the u.s. will take, quote, all necessary and proper steps. we are showing you the actual facility in algeria. the google map, google earth. a group affiliated for al qaeda has claimed responsibility for the attacks, in retaliation for france's military intervention into the country of mali which borders algieria. france began that intervention last week to try to combat islamic militants that work in that country. the hostages include not only americans but french, british, norwegian, japanese and an irish citizen as well. and according to information about algeria on bp's website, algeria supplies 30% of europe's natural gas. bill, back to you. >> thank you very much, michelle. more as that story continues to unfold. meantime, headed towards the close. 50 minutes left. the dow down 20 points. virtually all of that attributable to the decline in boeing today f.boeing weren't down as much as it is, the dow would be unchanged right now. >> pretty extraordinary
Jan 17, 2013 3:00pm EST
continue to invest in those companies with solid balance sheets. i continue to play defense. i listen to rick and mike and josh, and what i'm also hearing out of michael santoli and rick santelli, kind of a test, same day, come on, guys. when i listen to them both i'm hearing that bullish markets, bull market psychology. there's a certain complacency that comes along with a bull market where people begin to discount bad news. you throw bad news up and they say don't worry about that. look at the good points. the reverse happens in a bear market where we embrace the bad news and know there's never a ray of sunshine ever. we're in that discounting phase, and it feels complacent. it's a time to be cautious, so i think balance sheets matter. >> right. >> income matters and earnings really matter. >> very good. >> if you look at -- if you look at that philly fed this morning a great example. the market looked at that and said whatever. >> exactly. >> small caps and mid-caps didn't dip on the news. >> ignoring the bad news and going for the good news. >> real quickly, guys. on the philly fe
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5